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About Us

  • Introduce of our office
    Welcome to the website of Sinsing District Household Registration Office, Kaohsiung City. Our registration services include removal, birth, marriage, adoption, door plate, and issuance or cancellation of nationality, ID card, household registers, and seal imprint certificates approval.

    In recent years, to cooperate electronic and the international government's step, increased the issuance of citizen digital certificate, Household Registration E-Net Plan, CD Rom processing system, impelled the bilingual environment facility etc. At present , full coordinates to proceed the work of change ID card entirely in 2005.

    Through the Internet, we hope that we can continue to provide every citizen with unlimited, full-scaled and multi-dimensional services. Suggestions and advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Rest Area

    Duties and Tel No.

    Section Duties Tel and Fax No.
    Director Office Manage the whole office and supervise employees. 07-2364015 ext.38
    Secretariat Assist the Director to supervise employees on municipal business. 07-2364015 ext.11
    First Section Household register, update, investigate, and check.Change name and correction.Compile election rosters.Explain laws and regulations and other administration works. 07-2364015 ext.12
    Second Section Process gerneral affairs including issuance of ID cards, seal imprint certificates approval, and door plates. Conduct vital statistics, citizen digital certification, internet, and other administration works. 07-2364015 ext.13
    Personnel Office Operate verification, evaluation, training and personnel management. 07-2364015 ext.37
    Accounting Office Conduct calculation, account settlement, accounting, and statistics. 07-2364015 ext.35